Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship
Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship
Nicola Guerini
Next start
12th February 2021
Lectures schedule
(Weekends) Friday and Saturday
Course Hours
50 (36 lectures + 14 individual study)
Teaching Method
Blended Learning (select between Online, OnCampus or mixed)
Course Language
Course Fee
AED 10,400 + AED 520 (5% VAT)



Startups and new fashion ventures are not just based on new ideas.
They require the ability to envision and craft combining creativity, managerial and strategic skills. New technologies and a reshaped competitive environment have radically changed business models of fashion companies, from the structure, to the processes, up to new professional roles, design innovations and new emerging customer bases. What are the main processes? How to craft a positioning strategy? How to create our own new venture? Let’s take a deeper look.


The course focuses on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, accompanying students through all phases of the entire process to create a fashion start-up operating. From the generation of an idea and research to the development of the project, from the business planning to branding and communication strategies, from obtaining venture capital financing to the definition of business positioning and strategic growth over time.

MFI Certificate Programs is aimed at those wannabe Fashion Entrepreneurs and young professionals who want to understand the fashion phenomenon from two perspectives: the process of setting up a new venture, and the ability to understand main processes and managerial issues of fashion companies.


The didactic model proposed in the courses of Milano Fashion Institute is innovative: not only in-class lectures, but also case studies and best practices, project works and laboratory activities. The course is based on the three main pillars:
_ FASHION MANAGEMENT: for the understanding of main managerial practices and strategies of fashion & luxury companies;
_ FASHION PROCESSES: for the knowledge of the main processes, from the product development, to communication and marketing ones;
_ FASHION PRACTICES: for applying the knowledges, covering into practical skills dedicated to the development of a real case by the participants with the supervision of the MFI Faculty.




MFI Certificate Programs are specifically designed for both graduate students and young professionals willing to specialize on key relevant issues that characterize the contemporaneity of the fashion and luxury industry.

Lasting 6 part-time weekend, they are designed for combining in a unique way the internationally recognized know-how of MFI Faculty, on the topics of management, design and communication, to the thrilling job market of Dubai and the U.A.E. An international level experience, that combines the flexibility of the learning methods, to the rigor and expertise of one of the most qualified high-education centers in the world.

New dynamics, best practices, successful strategies, Certificate Programs offer an innovative experiential approach, for an international audience of qualified professionals.



An international experience that permits you to grasp know-how from the most qualified and relevant Professors, along with the key insights thanks to the hands-on approach. 

MFI Certificate Programs represent the perfect link between your previous university experience and the passion of entering the job market, adding key know-how on specific processes or businesses. Each course is well suited for graduate students, young managers, professionals and young entrepreneurs that are willing to deal with the challenges of the fashion businesses.

It’s an excellent opportunity to understand the most current managerial issues related to fashion businesses: how does the process of collection development work? What are the main business model? How to define positioning strategies?

All the issues will be analyzed by the Faculty of MFI in order to permit Participants to acquire practical skills related to fashion management and the startup of new fashion ventures, through the lean approach, applied to the fashion & luxury systems.




Students completing the Certificate Program will be able to:

1. Identify and engage with key current opportunities inside the fashion, luxury and lifestyle context

2. Understand the core processes of fashion and luxury companies 

3. Know the phases of business planning, venture ideation to build, develop and support new ventures and brands

4. Define differentiation strategies, thanks to several case studies and best practices.



General Director of Milano Fashion Institute. He specialized in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning and in the Management of Fashion Companies, at Bocconi University and other University Institutions. He is consultant for law firms and Italian and international companies in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle sectors, with particular attention to start-up projects. He is currently involved in international cooperation projects for government agencies and government educational institutions. He is honorary advisor to Cámara Paraguaya de Diseño y Innovación of Paraguay and Member of the Start-Up Initiative Board of Panelists, Fashion & Design Tech, of Intesa San Paolo. In 2017 he received the merit medal for the development of Italian-Latin American cooperation programs by IILA intergovernmental organization, Italian Republic, active in the field of cultural, scientific and development cooperation.